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Advance Pharma

220 Number of employees
3561 Total production area
900 m² Laboratory area
32 tablets per year
Advance 1

At our Advance Pharma GmbH production site, we develop and manufacture solid pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, balanced diets and medical devices.

Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, such as explosion-protected production systems for the use of organic solvents, and a highly-skilled team of 220 employees mean we can currently work a three-shift system to produce and package approx. 3,2 billion tablets per year.

The various stages of the production process are conducted in separate rooms. To avoid any possibility of product contamination, we run closed production and consistent ventilation systems. We also have extensive expertise in cleaning validation processes.

  • Facts

    • Number of employees: approx. 220
    • Total area: 26,000 m²
    • Total production area: 3,561 m²
    • Packaging area: 1,476 m²
    • Laboratory area: 900 m²
    • Storage space: 2,250 m²
  • Dosage forms

    • Tablets
    • Film coating
    • Sugar coating
  • Product classifications

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Products for balanced diets
    • Medical devices
  • Capacities

    • 25 million capsules
    • 3,2 billion tablets per year
  • Technical equipment

    • Wet, dry and thermogranulation
    • Direct compression
    • Single pot granulators
    • Fluid bed granulators
    • Compactors
    • Rotary tablet presses
    • Film coater (also organic)
    • Plastic/aluminium blister lines
    • Plastic and aluminium/aluminium blister lines
    • Bottle and can lines
  • Laboratory equipment

    • NIR, FT-IR
    • HPLC systems
    • Climatic chambers (four climate zones)
    • Dissolution tester
    • GC systems
  • Pharmaceutical services

    • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
    • Pilot batches
    • Stability studies (short- and long-term studies)
    • Manufacture of clinical trial samples
    • Scale up
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