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esparma Pharma Services

82 Shipped packages per year
132 Employees
32000 Warehouse
100000 Total area
Esparma 1

Opened in June 2015, our esparma Pharma Services production site serves as a distribution hub for our company.

Covering a total area of 100,000 m², the site is equipped with cutting-edge plant technology. Our core competencies lie in the storage and order picking of proprietary medicinal products.

The distribution division offers our local customers the option of directly storing their finished goods in our finished goods warehouse so that they can then be shipped to pharmacies, wholesalers and hospitals in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries. 

  • Facts

    • Employees: around 132
    • Total area: 100.000 m²
    • Warehouse: 32.000 m²
  • Pharma logistics

    • Pharmaceutical storage (2–8°C and 15–25°C)
    • Purchase order processing
    • Order picking
    • Shipment of finished goods to pharmacies, wholesalers and hospitals 
  • Complementary services

    • Hand packaging/repackaging
    • Market release
    • Packing of over-the-counter sales displays, displays and money plates
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