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109 Number of employees
8360 Total production area
500 Sachet filling
1 Hormone tablets
Lindopharm 1

With our production site in Lindopharm GmbH, we cover the full spectrum of services from product development and optimisation to market release as well as product-related stability studies.

Our Lindopharm production facility specialises in filling sachets (powder pouches) for the pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional supplements markets, as well as in the production and packaging of tablets containing hormones (e.g. thyroid hormones).

The production facility and laboratory equipment are continually kept up to date with the latest technology trends. Through the use of our flexible equipment, we are in a position to offer a wide variety of formats, volumes, packaging and batch sizes.

  • Facts

    • Number of employees: 109
    • Total area: 8,960 m²
    • Packaging area: 700 m²
    • Laboratory area: 343 m²
    • Storage space: 1,500 m²
  • Dosage forms

    • Hormone tablets
    • Sachet filling
  • Product classifications

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Nutritional supplements
  • Capacities

    • Sachet filling: 500 million sachets
    • Hormone tablets: One billion tablets
  • Technical equipment

    • Compactors
    • Compulsory mixer
    • Rotary-drum mixer
    • Drum mixer
    • Single pot granulators
    • Sachet packaging lines
    • Stick pack packaging line
    • PVC/PVC_PVDC/aluminium and aluminium/aluminium blister lines
  • Laboratory equipment

    • Analytics for highly active substances (dedicated)
    • HPLC with UV/PVA/RI/ELSD detection
    • UV/VIS spectroscopy
    • Dissolution tester
    • GC/GC headspace equipment
    • Stability chambers
    • IR spectroscopy
  • Pharmaceutical services

    • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
    • Pilot batches
    • Stability studies (short- and long-term studies)
    • Manufacture of clinical trial samples
    • Scale up
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