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Pharma Wernigerode

112 Number of employees
4942 Total production area
450 m² Laboratory area
820 Tons of bulk liquid
Standortansicht Pharma Wernigerode

The Pharma Wernigerode GmbH production site is where we manufacture and fill liquid and semi-solid products. It offers our customers capacity for these technologies that can expand as needed.

The site can look back on 110 years of company history and sees advances in its technology and quality every year. As a consequence, we were able to expand Pharma Wernigerode into one of the leading production sites for liquid pharmaceuticals. Our portfolio includes extractions of herbal substances as well as the use of chemically defined substances in various pharmaceuticals.

Customised solutions that meet your wishes and requirements. Our success is the result of innovative thinking, flexible order processing and a highly motivated team.

Centrally located in the heart of Germany with first-rate transport connections, the generously-sized company site is in an excellent position for further capacity expansions according to the latest technical and pharmaceutical standards.

  • Facts

    • Number of employees: 112
    • Total area: 55,000 m²
    • Total production area: approx. 4,942 m²  
    • Packaging area: 1,722 m²
    • Climatic chambers (three climate zones)
    • Narcotic drug approval granted
    • Laboratory area: 450 m²
    • Storage space: 4,300 m²
  • Dosage forms

    • Liquids (syrups, drops, nasal sprays and drops, emulsions, suspensions)
    • Semi-solid (gels, ointments, creams)
  • Product classifications

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Medical devices
  • Capacities

    • 1000 t bulk liquid
    • 100 t extracts
    • 20 t bulk semi-solid forms
    • 20 million folding boxes
  • Technical equipment

    • Extraction (percolation, vacuum vaporisation)
    • Distillation (with and without vacuum)
    • Packaging of liquids (10 ml–1,000 ml)
    • Filtration
    • Sterile filtration
    • Manufacturing tank (also ex protected)
    • Homogenisers
    • Ointment process plant
    • Filling lines for solutions, ointments and emulsions
    • Tube filler
  • Laboratory equipment

    • GC systems
    • HPLC systems (Waters)
    • UPLC system (Waters)
    • DC-CAMAG system
    • UV/VIS photometer
    • IR spectrometer
    • Dissolution tester (Distec)
    • Disintegration tester (Erweka)
    • Density and refractive index measurement devices (Mettler Toledo)
  • Pharmaceutical services

    • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
    • Pilot batches
    • Stability studies (short- and long-term studies)
    • Manufacture of clinical trial samples
    • Scale up
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