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Steiner Arzneimittel

55 Number of employees
310 m² Total production area
100 Tablets
3 Bottles of dry suspension
Steiner 1

Our Steiner Arzneimittel production site is one of the few remaining production facilities in Europe that specialises in the development, manufacture and packaging of solid dosage forms containing cephalosporin. We also have a full-scale laboratory for contract analysis.

Consequently, our highly qualified team is able to supply a large part of the European market with cephalosporin products in addition to offering all analytical services including the development and validation of analytical methods, contract analysis, re-analytics of products manufactured outside the EU, as well as the release of drugs for the European market.

  • Facts

    • Number of employees: 55
    • Total area: 6,900 m²
    • Total production area: 310 m²
    • Packaging area: 1,200 m²
    • Laboratory area: 330 m²
    • Storage space: 2,500 m²
  • Dosage forms

    • Cephalosporin products
      • Tablets
      • Capsules
      • Dry suspensions
  • Capacities

    • 100 million tablets
    • Six million folding boxes
    • Three million bottles of dry suspension
  • Technical equipment

    • Compactors
    • Compulsory mixer
    • Rotary-drum mixer
    • Hot melt granulator/extruder
    • Film coater (also organic)
    • Rotary tablet presses
    • Capsule machine
    • Blister lines
    • Dry suspension filling system
  • Laboratory equipment

    • HPLC systems with DAD, FLD, ELSD, ECD
    • UPLC systems with tandem MSD
    • UP-SFC with DAD, MSD
    • Ion chromatograph
    • GC with headspace + direct injection
    • Dissolution tester with automatic sampling
    • Separate safety laboratory
    • Climatic chambers (four climate zones)
  • Pharmaceutical services

    • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
    • Pilot batches
    • Stability studies (short- and long-term studies)
    • Manufacture of clinical trial samples
    • Scale up
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