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Production diversity

As a contract manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry, we cover the development, manufacture and packaging of all important non-sterile dosage forms, technologies and special products. This portfolio allows us to provide the global pharmaceutical market from Germany and Europe with a service that marks us as a major supplier in the contract manufacturing market. 

Kapseln blau


The hard-shell capsule is a very popular dosage form thanks to its convenient properties and widespread applications. The filling material is not stressed as in the tableting process; the use of excipients can be minimised; capsules dissolve quickly and are easy to swallow. If particular low humidity is required, we employ HPMC (cellulose) capsules instead of gelatine. We fill capsules with powders, granules, pellets, micro-tablets and combinations of the aforementioned. Our outstanding knowledge and expertise in the field of multi-particulate forms allows us to match even special customer requirements for encapsulation.


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