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Production diversity

As a contract manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry, we cover the development, manufacture and packaging of all important non-sterile dosage forms, technologies and special products. This portfolio allows us to provide the global pharmaceutical market from Germany and Europe with a service that marks us as a major supplier in the contract manufacturing market. 

Brausetabletten blau

Effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablet formulations offer functional and consumer advantages in pharmaceutical and dietary market segments. The installed process technology and know-how allows us to handle these complex formulations. The benefit of effervescent tablets is that they have almost dissolved before they are ingested, allowing the active ingredient to be solubilised and dispersed before reaching the gut. In this way, absorption and bioavailability can be improved compared to the traditional tablet. It is also a perfect application form for children or elderly people who have problems with swallowing big tablets or capsules.

Effervescent tablet production requires a highly dehumidified and controlled production environment. Tablet compression and packaging in plastic or aluminium tubes are performed in line to safeguard the highly moisture-sensitive products. Tablets can be produced in different sizes, depending on customer needs!


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